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Ben has a wealth of global communications and production experience focused on human transformation and protection of the Planet. His expertise spans creative programming and production for progressive events; media strategy, journalism and documentary filmmaking; environmental and social activism.


He is co-founder of Wasinga, a gift economy forest gathering in the UK, has worked for Burning Man, Secret Garden Party, and most recently helped coordinate the Wisdom Keepers programme at Boom 2016 working alongside indigenous groups from around the world, an international production team and a cross-disciplinary team of area producers from the festival organisation itself.


Gardener, visionary, father, inspirational storyteller, speaker and lecturer, Dan is a veritable polymath: creative consultant, creator and writer, promoter and producer. He is a TEDx presenter, a professional photographer, videographer and multimedia producer, self-taught herbal healer, ecologist and landscape gardener with a forte for creative direction and vision.


His work with organic plant growth enhancers is on the cutting edge of increasing plant and soil biota health to support the flowering of human awareness via vibrational nutrition. He moved to Australia and participated in the construction of own dwelling in the rainforest of northern NSW. His recent direction is exploring systems of perpetual renewal and designing human interfaces to enable harmonic human communication, relationship and custodianship of the natural world.


Debra Delglyn runs a full-time holistic practice in Chorlton, Manchester where she offers clients the chance to “free your true potential in a dance of co-creation”. The skills she offers are born from years of study and practice in bodywork, vibrational energy and shamanic traditions; prior to stepping onto the practitioner path she engaged in years of personal development work which gives her a solid foundation of self-knowledge and a mature understanding of practical psychology.


“I teach the Inka tradition of Nature Wisdom as I value its practical energy exercises designed to bring much-needed harmony and happiness to our lives and communities. Western society exhibits dysfunction and breakdown on so many levels that it is imperative we trial and implement better ways of living and working. There is much wisdom in indigenous traditions and we are fortunate that so many peoples are coming forward to share with us; I wish to learn from, contribute and embrace these opportunities as we make a paradigm shift to Spirit-filled lives.”


Jenna’s professional focus is on immersive, conscious events that empower participants as collaborators. Having worked in a diverse range of production and site roles over an eleven-year period in the UK on festivals such as Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Wilderness, and Glastonbury she is now more internationally orientated.


In 2016 she has worked on production for Lightning in a Bottle and Symbiosis festivals in California, and supported the Wisdom Keepers project at Boom festival (Portugal) in 2016. In April 2017 Jenna is producing The NewEarth festival in Bali – a new event themed around Ancient Futures, which will explore solution based models and ideas in the areas of culture, arts and music, politics, economics, technology and society.


Jeremy’s passion for filmmaking emerged early and continues to define his life and work. After working in feature films in Ireland for a few years he became a founding member of The Old Vic Theatre Company in London, where he served as associate director for a few seasons. Jeremy set up Treetops Productions to develop and produce film projects.


In 2014 Treetops premiered “NOW: In the Wings on a World Stage” at Tribeca Film Festival followed by theatrical release.. ‘NOW’ won Best Documentary at the National Film Awards in London in 2015. In recent years Jeremy has sought to merge his profession as a filmmaker with his interest and involvement in emerging cultures, indigenous wisdom and practices.


Matt is a communicator and strategist specializing in movement building, public affairs and creative environmental campaigns. He has worked on flagship campaigns led by Nobel Prize winner Wangari Maathai and HRH Prince Charles, with major corporations and the United Nations and for organizations including: BioRegional, Clownfish and Trillion Fund - a renewable energy investment platform.


He founded and edits EcoHustler a popular independent online zine that receives tens of thousands of hits each month and Emergent Communications - a digital communications consultancy delivering communications and campaigns strategy and PR for conscious and environmental organizations. He has a degree in Biology from the University of Bristol and a first class MSc in Environmental Technology from Imperial College, London.


Miguel Angel is a graphic designer and illustrator. Over the last 10 years he has worked developing graphics and content for educational content for children in Mexico. He has a wide experience in branding graphics and logos and motion graphics.


On recent years he dove deeper into illustration making this his main skill. He is exploring playful illustration that give hints of spirtiual content and wisdom. 


Lila Lieberman is initiated as sangoma, traditional healer and seer, in the South African Shona tradition. She has worked with medicinal plants and indigenous ways of healing for twenty years, beginning her journey in the Atacama desert of Peru. She has an academic background in Anthropology, Linguistics, Philosophy and Transpersonal Psychology, and Diploma in Integral Coaching.


“My practice involves ceremony, divination, and engaging somatic intelligence to integrate deeper parts of ourselves into our lives. My love is in exploring new and ancient ways of opening communication with the world; the plant kingdom; ancestral elements; ancient lineages and direct knowing.”


Philip Volkers ARPS was born in 1980 and grew up in the English country-side. He studied Indian Philosophy and Shamanic Studies at SOAS, a highly influential experience for Philip that has defined much of his work.


With a strong focus on nature and freedom of expression Philip finds inspiration through travel. Recent adventures have led him to explore human gatherings: spiritual, hedonistic or both. Philip seeks to capture moments of heightened consciousness and unit within gatherings and in doing so to encourage the viewer’s inquisitiveness to be stimulated by his images. His aim is to produce imagery that is stand-along in its impact. His website is here.


Avalon Tradition, British Isles

Emma Stow is an energy healer, writer and speaker known for her international work on the soul. Her background in intuitive healing, astrology and sacred land has given her direct experience with the greater connections of our lives and those of our planet and to this unique time of transformation. In 2007 she had a powerful awakening experience in the sacred land of Avalon and was asked by the land to work there. She spent years walking, learning the routes by heart to map the stars on the Earth culminating in the 50 mile Summer Solstice pilgrimage of 2012. 

Link to Emma's Interview


Celtic & Druidic Tradition, British Isles

Eric was born in Australia and formally educated in England as a ‘social psychologist’. At 22 he set off on a two-year journey around the world to find himself and God. The journey took longer than expected. Ten years - including time in California, among Mayan Indians, in Polynesia and with indigenous Australians.


After returning to Britain he settled in Gwynedd where, over more than thirty years, he has created, with others, the Cae Mabon Eco-Retreat Centre, once described as a Welsh Shangri-La. It draws influences from his decade of travelling, especially his time with the Aboriginal people. They inspired his quest for ‘the white man’s dreaming’, which led to storytelling. Their emphasis on ‘land as sacred’ led to Cae Mabon becoming a holy grove, rich in the mythic tales of mighty Snowdonia. Eric also loves to sing and dance, and walk the ancient songlines.

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