Wisdom Keepers provides a platform at festivals for Elders and spiritual leaders from indigenous communities and Wisdom traditions around the world to share their stories and techniques, and to collectively vision a more conscious, peaceful, and sustainable world.


Wisdom Keepers facilitates spontaneous and profound shifts by enabling global audiences to appreciate and understand traditional wisdom ways as holistic, comprehensive and practical worldviews with immediate and relevant application in their own lives and societies.

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Caretaker of N & So American traditions, US

Jyoti has been initiated into and carries ceremonial ways from North and South America and Africa. She is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher who has cultivated projects that honor the Earth and all Peoples. She has devoted her life to bringing unity by facilitating alliances of indigenous culture and traditional medicine ways.


Kichwa Tradition, Ecuador

Kurikindi is a Kichwa Amazonian Shaman. Born in the rainforests of Ecuador and into to an ancient line of shamanic families, Kurikindi has over 36 years of experience immersed in the shamanic way of life sharing its knowledge.


Kaminchu Shaman, Japan

Born in Okinawa, Japan Kazumi is a Kaminchu, who deals with the Gods.  They communicate with higher beings, using the physical body to receive messages. The Kaminchu are born psychics and each one carries a different spiritual role.



Glastonbury, United Kingdom



Oregon, United States


42 Acres London, United Kingdom



Idanha-a-Nova, Portugal


Catalysing Festival Culture

Wisdom Keepers is a global initiative that provides a platform for Elders and spiritual leaders from indigenous communities and Wisdom traditions around the world to share their wisdom at an experiential level with audiences at festivals and to collectively bring about  a more conscious, peaceful and sustainable world.


Festivals are arguably some of the most influential cultural events on the planet, so they are a natural space for the Wisdom Keepers to come and share the wisdom and insight of their ancient lineages with large numbers of its participants, and potentiate shifts in culture in a powerful and progressive way.


Wisdom Keepers facilitates these spontaneous and profound shifts by enabling global audiences to have first hand experience with these traditional wisdom ways, and so come to appreciate and understand them as holistic and comprehensive cosmologies, philosophies and worldviews with immediate and relevant application in their own lives and societies.


Working in partnership with the producers of some of the world’s largest and best festivals, the mission of the Wisdom Keepers project is to seed this practice in the DNA of festivals around the world. Our intention is to continue this work hand in hand with major festival organisers to co-create powerful programs substantively woven into the fabric of their events to continue the journey of forging:


“A very fruitful marriage between modern festival subcultures at the cutting edge of consciousness exploration and representatives of surviving indigenous traditions which are intact and strong. Both are vital ingredients in the cauldron where the potent imagination that creates the future is brewed.”


Eric Maddern, Wisdom Keeper of the Celtic and Druidic Traditions of Northern Europe.


  • Because indigenous Wisdom Keepers the world over are being called to step forward at this time to share their messages and their healing with ‘the younger brother’.

  • To provide a platform for large numbers of people to understand and directly experience the deep wisdom and relevance of indigenous culture for all.

  • To raise awareness of and provide assistance to indigenous cultures threatened by the rapacious growth and needs of modern society.

  • To cause profound and influential shifts in progressive festival culture towards holistic and spiritually connected ways of being, and in turn shift the ‘default’ setting of the dominant modern culture.

  • To generalize and normalize the practice of direct experiential engagement with, learning from and appreciation of indigenous and Wisdom traditions.

  • To provide powerful healing and connection to large numbers of people suffering from the separation and stressors of modern life.

Healing and Reciprocity

Over and above facilitating this interface within the festival context, as this initiative evolves Wisdom Keepers aims to provide a comprehensive and reciprocal conduit back to communities, and be part of an ecosystem of partnerships with organisations already delivering such work.

 Working with trusted partners, these include hosting off-line retreats for different traditions to come together to share, to heal and find collaborative pathways forward; of delivering conscious technologies, resources and knowledge transfer to protect these communities and the ecosystems they have been and are the guardians of; and of philanthropic funding streams to where they are needed most. 

These communities represent 4% of the world’s population, and are the caretakers of 80% of the world’s biodiversity. We need each other !
If you feel called to contribute to and be part of this work, please contact us through the contact section of this website.


The Wisdom Keepers support team has wide and deep connections with indigenous groups world wide through their work in the anthropological, shamanic and campaign spheres. Working in close collaboration with indigenous communities and their spiritual leaders, the team supports these powerful spokespeople to present aspects of their culture to inspire festival attendees with both their eloquence and the relevance of their traditional practices to individuals and communities in the modern world. The team also includes professional festival producers with extensive experience in the production of conscious events worldwide.

If you would like further information on the team, or would be interested to play a part in supporting the Wisdom Keepers in any way you are called to, please get in touch.


“Thank you all for this wonderful time and opportunity of such a powerful gathering! I feel it was so important to have these teachings and medicine people from around the world share their traditions. It amplified the experience and grounded me and the people in our true hearts’ mission.”

Boom 2016 participant.

“Reflecting on the experience what strikes me is the enthusiastic and open-hearted way in which the capacity and action of prayer was received and welcomed by the crowd. To explain - I was raised in a strongly non-religious western rationalist materialist tradition, as I imagine are most other western Europeans. Prayer is quite simply not part of our lives, or it is something imposed by institutions and rejected in adulthood. Each of the Wisdom Keepers brought their own practice of prayer from their different styles and traditions - well beyond religion - to share with us rational westerners. That it was received so enthusiastically through ceremonies, talks and workshops was a true revelation: for me this feels like a turning point, a sign of hope that human consciousness can evolve beyond the current paradigm, with the help of these kinds of powerful global initiatives.”

Debra Delgyln, Wisdom Keepers team, Boom 2016.

"Watching these historically marginalized people create their own spaces and share their sacred histories was both poetically profound and politically resonant."

Journalist describing their experience at the Oregon Eclipse Gathering 2017.


The following are examples of organisations that the Wisdom Keepers supports:

We work to advance environmental and social justice by empowering and partnering with indigenous peoples, and investigate and promote sustainable access to plant medicine, healthy food and economic opportunities for local communities in the Peruvian Amazon.

We amplify unheard voices and bring people together to focus on change.  At InsightShare we work with communities around the world to address key issues through Participatory Video.

​We train traditional Mbendjele hunter-gatherer healers of Gabon to deliver primary health care through portable mobile clinics in remote forest areas.  Our project supplements the existing traditional system of healing with safe generic medicines. It enables the Mbendjele to continue living in the way they want to, helping to ensure their rich culture and forest-orientated way of life survive.


The Wisdom Keepers team continue to seek aligned partners to seed this work and facilitate its dissemination at other festivals, events and popular culture at large, as well as reciprocal channels back to indigenous communities around the world. Please get in touch!

For Expressions of Interest and further information,

please contact:

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