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Interview with J Julia

Updated: Aug 15, 2019

J Julia is a Water Seer, Sculptor, Spiritual Mentor and Keeper of the Deepen Tradition. Based in West Sussex, England, she combines shamanism and the inherited teachings of her lineage in order to build bridges of communication between this world and the other realms. As founder of Sacred Waters of Sussex, J Julia works with communities to gently clear, clean and restore ancient water sites.

WK: How did you become involved in the Wisdom Keepers initiative?

J: I was introduced to the Wisdom Keepers Initiative via my involvement with Sacred Waters of Sussex.

Following the global activation of the Light Grid across the world in 2012, many who like me had previously been working silently and steadfastly on their own ‘patch’ for many years felt prompted to connect with like-hearted Souls. There was a powerful urge to come together and share a loving intention with one purpose; to remember, re-connect, honour, reinvigorate and protect the living Waters of our land.

The group, Sacred Waters of Sussex was formed in 2014 in response to the many who had felt this calling and it soon became apparent to us that our county of Sussex was one of the few regions of Britain which had seen an almost total demise in Water ceremony. Indeed, springs and wells had become neglected, were silted up, overgrown, filled with litter or had even fallen into total disrepair. Our intention, our mission statement, was given to us by the great Water Spirit of the Hammer Pond of the Low Fields - and this message was, that The Old Ways will become The New Ways.

Today, the members of Sacred Waters meet at springs and wells across the county of Sussex where we clean clear and respectfully reinstate as needed. We make offerings and give grateful thanks and Blessing to the Water Spirits and we send our prayers of peace out into the waterways of the Blessed lands. We call it ‘Spring Cleaning’ and most joyous work it is. We come together as a group of people of all ages and from all walks of life with one beautiful intention; to Serve and to honour the living Waters.

Members have been deeply moved by their experiences of this work and have received and witnessed blissful healing. When we communicate with the Spirits of these ancient springs, wells and waterways, we are almost overcome with the deep love of the living Waters and how joyful they are that we have reached out to them. We have come to understand that the Waters of our Mother Earth ARE Her living love and that by working together and by ‘building bridges’ from our Realm to the Water Realms, we can plant liquid seeds of the new, Heart Led consciousness which are then carried forth by the Waters. By consciously honouring and Blessing this living love as it flows through the networks of hamlets and villages across our county, it also strengthens, stabilizes and reinvigorates the Spirit of the land and the people upon Her. It becomes a Sacred communion of unification which is something that both the land and we, are in great need of.

Our continued hope and mission is, that by clearing cleaning and honouring these Water sites, they will become visible and important again to the villages and communities in which they are sited and we hope that these communities will once again take loving Guardianship of their Waters and come together in ceremony and be strengthened and unified in the love of the natural treasure in their midst.

WK: What does it mean to you to be a wisdom keeper?

J: To be a wisdom keeper is to understand our interconnectedness with all Life and to enable our fellow Beings ways in which they can discover their own Sacred paths of connection to all the Realms of Being, both in Loving Service and in the development of their own Self.

In this time of great overwhelm and trauma, a wisdom keeper also offers to bring to light ways in which humans have been conditioned to be by their societies, and how the roles they play in those societies are actually only a very small part of who we really are as Beings. A wisdom keeper aids individuals to come to realize their own unique, Creator-given Gifts so that they may be bring them forth into this world.

True wisdom is encouraging and supporting each other to heal and grow out of limiting beliefs and fears. These limitations and fears are becoming clearer as we now really begin to deal with the layers of intrinsic trauma that are surfacing at this time in history.

As the tide of time turns, the wisdom keepers are stepping forward to offer enablement for those who are consciously returning to the Heart Led Way. In this evolutionary process, we are coming to recognise with growing clarity, an absolute Truth; the continuous unfoldment and evolution of our Core Self, our True Nature, our Soul, our Spirit, which has and will always Be. We have all developed different words to describe this evolutionary force, but regardless of its name, it is expressing the same One Thing; a return to the true and Golden Nature of humankind.

WK: How would you explain to someone what the Sacred means?

J: The Sacred is this True Nature and this is what all the wisdom traditions of the world have pointed the way to, again and again throughout the ages. This True Nature is the essential part of us that is kind and compassionate to all the life forms upon this world and that knows how to live in true harmony with everything. It knows, absolutely, that all the dimensions are a part of our own life – that in Reality, there is no separation. When we are in our Sacred True Nature, there is no separation between our consciousness and what we perceive - we are what we see and we become One with Oneness.

WK: Why is indigenous culture so relevant to our modern lives?

J: Indigenous culture is relevant in our lives today because it still retains the innocence of the non-separation from Nature and it is this that we desperately need to re-kindle and respect in this new surge in the growth of consciousness which we are now all witnessing and feeling on the global stage. Indigenous culture is the anchor point, the place of Trust where we can safely cast our gaze when we need steadfast guidance in our Work towards inner and outer peace.

WK: What is the easiest way to incorporate ancient practices into daily life?

J: The key is to keep it simple and to keep it very clear. We can be assured in the knowledge that absolutely everything, including us, is in a process. We can also discard the old ideas of ‘size equals importance’ – such concepts are of the old conditioning. The Truth is, that even the smallest effort made by us as an individual is just as potent as the biggest effort – what is important is that it is consistent, and the intention is renewed and remembered. That we keep our gaze upon our Vision.We can be supported in the knowledge of the Universal Law which is:

Energy Follows Thought – Energy Follows True Intention

And we can be heartened in the knowledge that as we become clearer and clearer with our own Selves - that as we consciously work in such a way that we are constantly considering and clarifying inside each of us, our thoughts, our motivations and our actions, that we do this for our own growth and freedom towards Wholeness and also in Great Service for All. The evolving path, the New Way (of whatever Way we choose to follow in our Practice) is truly moving us towards ever greater compassion and respect for all life forms as a reflection of our True Divine Nature.

WK: What would you say is the biggest cultural threat to modern society?

J: It is our own selves. It is when we have not realised that we have the power to be free, kind and to live in harmony on this planet and with all other life forms upon Her. Treating everything as though it is just a resource to help us avoid facing our own shadow, disguised as the fear of not surviving, is the Old Consciousness, the Old Way that we are growing out of. This Old Consciousness rules us through fear, shame and punishment and spirals into itself into becoming more and more disconnected and stuck in the confines of its own Mind, thereby creating more and more of its own fearful reality.

WK: What do you find most disconnected with our current society?

J: Humans are disconnected from themselves and how they really feel by conditioned fear, loneliness and anxiety which consequently makes them unfeeling toward our Mother Earth and each other - and even to their own potential. Anything in this current society can be used as a distraction or as fuel for aversion.

WK: What is the most important piece of advice you would give to a young person now?

J: To find, follow and cultivate whatever practices that work to expand their minds and feed their Souls which then fosters kindness to themselves, others and Mother Earth. To seek support if they find themselves trapped in unhealthy dynamics and co-dependency and very importantly, to free themselves from any inherited trauma. The Truth is, that each individual holds the Light of Consciousness within them – this is their Birth Right. Another way of saying this would be, We Can All Dream the Sacred Reality into Being. This message must be made loud and clear and consistently to our young people and indeed, to All.

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