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Interview with Kazumi Ohishi

Kazumi Ohishi is from Okinawa, an island close to Taiwan annexed by Japan in the 19th century. Kazumi is a Kaminchu, a type of shaman indigenous to Okinawa who deals with the Gods. Traditionally Kaminchus do not share their information publicly, however Kazumi has been receiving messages regarding the future of the Earth and Humankind and so she has come to the decision that is time to reveal these messages to people around the world. We are honoured to have Kazumi join us in England this summer for our pilgrimage events.

We spoke to Kazumi through her interpreter Akiko.

WK: So, thank you for joining us for this interview Kazumi. Can you tell us how you became involved with the Wisdom Keepers?

K: In July of 2017, she was invited by a Japanese lady who is a teacher of Jikiden Reiki and she went to London; and at that time she was going to do a little lecture and sharing of the messages and oracles she had been receiving in the past years, regarding the future of Mother Earth and mankind. And at the same time she was going to collaborate with this man, who now is the leader of the water. I think everybody is familiar with the water molecules, when you say something, like a sound and that is put into pictures. It was done by Dr Emoto, and so Dr Emoto has passed away, but there is a person who is continuing on with the study and his name is Nemoto, and Kazumi was going to collaborate with this person to talk about water and the importance of water.

The lecture and the sharing of the messages and oracles she had been receiving regarding Mother Earth and mankind, was conducted at the Psychic School of London in July of 2017. And there was a person who had come to listen to her lecture and that person was related to the Wisdom Keepers. So this person went back, who is a good friend of Ben, who is very deeply involved with the Wisdom Keepers, told Ben about the content of the lecture and Ben said he wanted to meet with Kazumi. And some of the messages that she had been receiving was regarding the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse of Earth and so Ben invited Kazumi to join the solar eclipse festival in Oregon in August of 2017; and that’s how the relationship between her and the Wisdom Keepers began.

WK: Could you ask Kazumi now to tell us a little bit about her tradition and how she became to be a wisdom keeper of that tradition.

K: Ha ha! She says that’s a long story actually, so it’s very difficult to make it short, but she will try.

WK: In a nutshell!

K: Yes. So Kazumi is originally from a very small island of Japan which is now called Okinawa, but actually it was separate from Japan, and it had its own kingdom, called the Ryukyu Kingdom, at that time. And when the Ryukyu Kingdom existed the people practised animism, so they were sort of one with Nature and there were shamans. There were actually three types of shamans. One, which was deeply involved with the politics and finances of the kingdom itself, another type of shaman who received messages from the gods, and another that dealt with the ancestors and the everyday life, and did healings.

WK: Fascinating

K: So, there’s actually two indigenous peoples in Japan, one is the Ainu people and the other is the Ryukyu people, and she belongs to the Ryukyu people. And actually there were only very few shamans; there weren’t that many to start off with. So it was 130 years ago that the Ryukyu Kingdom was absorbed by mainland Japan, and when that happened, shamans like her were prohibited to do ceremonies and do prayers. In a big way; meaning they were banned to do anything to do with the prayers and ceremonies of the land politically and financially. However, in the little villages there remained the type of shamans called Noro, who continued on with their tradition on a very much smaller scale, but they didn’t really sort of receive messages, it was more for showing, like a show business, sort of like for tourist attractions, and for minor ancestral things. So those were the Noros, but the type of shamans called Kaminchu dealt with the gods. They received messages and oracles from the gods, but not all shamans receive the same kind of messages. There were Kaminchus, who received messages regarding Japan only, there were those who received, messages regarding the world, and others regarding the cosmos. And Kazumi is actually a Kaminchu who receives oracles and messages from the greater beings, regarding Mother Earth and the whole world, so to speak. There are no schools, as such, to become a shaman of her tradition. These shamans are sort of born into being; they are born shamans; they have been born with these special abilities, but it depends on each person when they awaken to their actual ability; and being a shaman is not such an easy thing. Life can be very difficult, and so, even if they awaken, not many want to practise being the shaman. She comes from these shaman families; all her ancestors have been related to these shamanic traditions, but there aren’t that many now. There weren’t that many to start off with, but there are even less now, because many have become very old, and since it is not such an easy thing, not many people are practising it so there are very, very few.

WK: Is it typical for women to be shamans, such as Kazumi is?

K: In the tradition of Okinawa almost all of them shamans are female. It was the Noros that dealt with the political and financial oracles and messages and these were all female, because the females are usually more psychic, so to speak. So during the Ryukyu Kingdom, shamans like her were respected and had a special sort of status, however since the Ryukyu Kingdom no longer exists, they don’t have any status now.

WK: Would you say that the kingdom as it was, despite being a kingdom, could be described as a matriarchy?

K: So, spiritually speaking it was a matriarchal society. It was the female shamans who decided who the next king would be, etcetera. However, in everyday life it was a patriarchy.

WK: Interesting!

K: Ha ha! She says it’s actually much more complicated, but then it would be a very long story and she was trying to put it in a nutshell.

WK: How would Kazumi explain to someone what her understanding is of the Sacred?

K: So, it’s not so easy to explain what Sacred means because depending on, for example, whether you’re talking about the spirits that exist in Nature, that is one thing; when you’re talking about the Sacred regarding your soul, that is one thing; when you’re talking about a saint, a saintly person and the Sacred regarding that, that is another thing. So what is it exactly that you wanted to ask?

WK: Well, maybe I should ask it in another way. Kazumi has had these messages regarding the state of the planet, the bad state of the environment, and so she has chosen to come and share her understanding to help this process, what does she think is the problem with modern society, that disconnects us from understanding the Sacred?

K: Well people really have to come to her lecture to really understand, she says. Actually she will tell you what is happening right now. What is happening is that the shamans all over the world have been receiving messages about what is going to happen for hundreds of years, but actually nothing had been done. And so things have been proceeding as the oracles and messages have revealed, that is regarding the environment, also regarding the fighting between the different countries, or regarding the economic situation. That is all according to what the oracles and messages have revealed, so when you’re saying that you want to reverse the current situation, that means we have to stop fighting, the present economic situation must crash and start over anew. And of course, reading Nature, things are happening like eruptions and earthquakes, in order for things to adjust, because we have been taking and taking from Mother Earth. So, we have to stop actually taking away from Mother Earth in order to reverse the situation. But what all that means is to end modern society. So, the Mother Earth has taken its own actions in order to sort of readjust, rebalance itself, and that is why all these earthquakes and volcanic eruptions and the heating and the cooling of the Earth are happening. And so, if you really want to go back to the Sacred, so to speak, to be in connection with the Sacred, then we have to stop taking away from Mother Earth, taking the minerals, cutting the trees, we have to stop all that.

WK: And what does Kazumi think is the biggest disconnection? What is the main threat to us? Is it greed or is it just materialism?

K: The human beings are like a cluster of greed; they’re full of greed, and it is the human beings that are making the civilisation. So, people talk about science and they talk about the advancement of technology and all this, but in order to do that we are taking away from Mother Earth, from all the material things. And so, when a civilisation develops, so to speak, that means diminishing the resources of Mother Earth, which leads, like in past civilisations, to everything sort of disrupting. So, all this, the people’s greed and what is happening in Nature like the natural disasters, go hand in hand. It is happening at the same time because its deeply connected. So, she has several sort of disciples that are working with her, and several of the disciples have received messages about ten years ago that the same thing is going to happen that happened to Atlantis. The same sorts of things are going to happen in this lifetime, according to the messages that they have been receiving. These people have no knowledge about what happened during the Atlantis period and all that, but that was the message they received.

WK: That’s fascinating.

K: Which all means that it will be the end of one civilisation, and there will be places where the land sinks, there will be other places where the land rises, all that happened during the Atlantis era, is going to happen again.

WK: In this current century?

K: It may not happen today or tomorrow, but what she is saying is we have entered into that period in which all this will happen. So there are shamans all over the world, including the shamans from Columbia like the Kogis, who have received the same kind of messages, so they have been going around to different sacred places in order to do prayers and ceremonies. But there aren’t that many you know, there are only maybe 30-40, less than 100. So maybe a lot of people now know about the Mayan prophecies, have heard about the Mamos including the Kogis, but not many people know about these shamans from Okinawa because they have never come out upfront. They have received oracles and messages in private, and they do ceremonies in private, and the same with Kazumi. She had been doing ceremonies and prayers on her own, but seeing what was happening around the world, she says it was time to come out and reveal the messages that had been kept secret; that it was time for people to know about what is happening. So shamans around the world have been receiving these oracles and messages but it is very difficult to communicate these messages in the human language, so to speak, because sometimes these messages come with numbers and things like that. A lot of the messages deal with the DNA and the content of the water and the four Elements and the universe, or about the particles and molecules, so you need specialised, intellectual knowledge or scientific, or even technical knowledge, in order to actually understand the meaning of the message and to communicate it to the people around the world. So there may be people who have received these messages, but it’s often very difficult to put it into sort of everyday language that people can understand, and that’s why in the past it hadn’t been done so much.

WK: I see. And is Kazumi the only one of her tradition to come out and share this with the world or are others doing this as well?

K: To date, Kazumi is the only one that has come out to actually share the messages that she has been receiving, because the other shamans, if they’re of the older generation, even if they do receive the messages, they cannot really decipher it and put it into everyday languages. So, the younger generation, shamans in their forties, maybe, they have a better chance of really deciphering it and come out. And then there is a sort of language problem, because these messages and oracles that these shamans receive are really like a vast thing and very difficult to decipher in the first place; and what has been deciphered by the Kaminchus or the shamans, if it is to be revealed, must be translated into whatever language, whether it’s English or even Japanese, because most of the shamans in Okinawa speak in the Okinawan dialect. So, if the translator does not understand the basic concept of the world or of the cosmos, even if the shaman is saying one thing, it cannot be translated properly into words that people can understand. So, she says what I’m doing is extremely difficult. The translators are very important because otherwise there would be a lot of miscommunication. But also, it is one thing to receive messages, but it is another to actually negotiate with the greater beings about what is happening and, yeah, so Kazumi is a very rare one who can actually negotiate with the gods and the greater beings.

WK: When you say negotiate, do you mean intercede on our behalf, that they might do something to help us, to change to the situation?

Kazumi and Akiko both laugh.

K: No, she is not negotiating with them in that sense, because she is not the representative of the Earthlings, of the human beings, per se. She is Kazumi; her body is just a vessel in which it is like the receiver of the messages that is going on between the different gods or the different greater beings. She is just catching the conversation that is going on. So she tries to decipher that, tries to put it into human language, so to speak. For example, we are living in the third dimension and these greater beings are always moving, shifting around in multi-dimensions, so these things that are happening in the cosmos are multi-dimensional things. It is not only to do with the third dimension, and so she can certainly sort of say: “Hey, you know, we are living in this third dimension, can you sort of, you know…”, but it all has to do with the interrelationships, with the harmony of what is happening in the whole of the universe, in the whole of cosmos. And so yeah, (laughs).

WK: So, we’re a very small part of a very, very big pattern.

K: Yeah, just a little dust maybe, like a little spec maybe in the whole of the universe. Because the human beings want to see it from their point of view, from the point of view of human beings and what is happening around the world, and actually, you know, when you look at the whole picture of the whole cosmos, we are just a little spec here, so it’s difficult to influence, make a difference.

WK: We’re not as important as we think we are.

K: So, actually, you know, we are connected with the whole of cosmos, with the whole of universe with our soul, our spirit; so because of that they have been telling us for thousands and thousands of years not to damage Mother Earth, because damaging Mother Earth will be damaging our souls or spirits. So this is all interconnected, but the human beings haven’t been listening and they have been taking and taking from Mother Earth and not really giving back and so we have been sort of damaging our soul, our spirit.

WK: So, one last question: what advice can Kazumi give to us as individuals, in terms of what we can do, as individuals, for the sake of our soul and our relationship with the world?

K: What we can do as individuals is to nurture our spirituality, to heighten it, to highlight it, so that we can become closer to light, so to speak. And in order to do that we have to live each day in a very correct way, whether it is to do with what we eat or not to utilise too much of the IT. To really spend each moment of our life to the fullest. You are here on earth to experience things and so that is what you should be doing. And communicate with each other is important, and to really face, to talk with your inner self, and to really look into your soul. And it is very important that you have both of your feet firmly grounded. To be grounded is very important, and to have humility is very important, and to have gratitude, and to have mercy is important.

WK: Compassion, yes.

K: Compassion is very important. And when you’re talking about love, loving yourself is important too, which means you really have to come face to face with your inner self. Yeah, I think I said it all.

WK: Akiko, Kazumi, thank you both very, very much.

K: So, we can see you in Glastonbury?

WK: Yes, we all look forward to seeing you both there and on the pilgrimage walks.

K: Yes, we will be joining Ben and everybody on the 12th at Royston.

WK: Great. Have a very good trip.

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